Start selling in minutes

We’ve designed our system to be as quick and simple as possible. Upload your products, get your buy-now links and start selling immediately.

Sell over 60 file types

All the most common file types are accepted including pdf, doc, mp3, mp4, zip and many more.

Integrated with PayPal

Your customers can pay with PayPal or with a credit/debit card, and you receive money direct to your PayPal account.

Self-hosted option

If you prefer you can host your files on your own servers and enjoy a 1,000 product limit, no transaction fees and all the benefits of our system.

Seamless buy-now process

You can either use our minimalist buy-now screens to sell your products (example), or use a direct link for a seamless customer experience.

Simple interface

Beautifully simple interface for you and your customers. See an example of a Buy Now page here.

Track your sales

Analyse the strength of your sales for each product with interactive charts tracking your daily, weekly and monthly sales.

Easy file upload

Use our one-click file upload tool and register your product description, price and other details in seconds. Once products are uploaded, you can get ‘buy now’ links to start selling immediately.

Manage customer transactions

View customer transactions and if required use our one-click process to send a customer another unique, secure download link for their purchased product.

Easy to use dashboard

An engaging dashboard providing you with all the information you need at a glance.