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If you create software, applications or other products which contain multiple files, sell them as zip compressed files with free storage and payments straight to your PayPal account. Get started in minutes.



Sell your zips, zippy

With Digital Product Cart’s one-click file upload, you can start selling your zip files in minutes. Once you’ve compressed your files or software into a zip folder, simply upload the zip onto our servers, enter a few product details and your PayPal account email and copy-and-paste ‘buy now’ links to your website, blog or email.

Secure delivery

If you’re selling software or any other application as a zip, you’ll want to deliver your file to your customers securely. Once your customer has completed payment, Digital Product Cart will generate a unique download link and automatically email the customer. The link will be valid for 5 days and at not point will the customer see the filepath of the file.

Why sell zip files with Digital Product Cart?

Digital Product Cart is a simple yet powerful online shopping cart for digital products. Selling zip files with us couldn’t be easier, simply sign up for your FREE account, upload your zip file and use the automatically generated ‘buy now’ links to start selling your documents on your website, blog or email.

When to sell zip files online

If you are finding it difficult to sell your digital products online due to the size or number of files, you can compress one or more files into a ‘zip’ file. This decreases the size of the file and allows you to hold multiple files in one single file, ready for the end user to ‘unzip’ them later.

Zip files are commonly used to sell all types of digital products from software and applications to music, video and ebooks.

How do I start selling zip files online?

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Register for your free account with Digital Product Cart. It takes a few seconds and you can start selling immediately.

Upload your zip file

Upload your zip file with our simple one-click upload feature and enter a few product details including your PayPal account email.

Start selling

Copy-and-paste a ‘buy now’ button or a direct link on to your website, blog or email and start selling to your customers immediately.

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