Silver package features


Get 500MB free storage and upload up to 10 products to our servers. For the purposes of controlling bandwidth, a limit of 50MB is placed on the size of each individual file you can upload. However, if you have larger files our support will be happy to assist.


Our system is fully integrated with PayPal. With a Silver account we don’t charge you any transaction fees, but the usual PayPal transaction fees will apply. We support multiple currencies including GBP, USD, EUR and many more.


Digital Product Cart is designed to be clean and easy to use. You can copy-and-paste code to add ‘buy now’ buttons to your website, blog or emails. Or link to our ‘buy now’ pages which are clutter free and have minimal branding.

Sales tracking

Learn which of your products are the most successful with the sales dashboard. Track daily, weekly and monthly sales with interactive charts.

Integrate buy now buttons on your website

We provide copy-and-paste code to add buy now buttons to your website, blog or emails. The buttons will pick up the default styling of your website so often need no other intervention. However, if you have knowledge of CSS you can customise the look and feel of the buttons.

Alternatively, we also provide a clean and brand-free ‘buy now’ page on our website.