Free package

Transaction fees

Transaction fees as low as 1%

With our Free account you won’t pay anything if you don’t sell any products. What’s more, you’ll receive 100% of the sales of the first 9 sales of each product. After the 9th sale, Digital Product Cart takes the full sale price of the 10th sale and every 100th sale thereafter. That means for higher sales volumes the transaction fee is effectively just 1%!

Please note that with all our packages, including the Free package, payments are processed through your PayPal account. PayPal’s transaction fees will therefore still apply.

Example 1

You make 9 sales of a £1 product. All sales would be routed straight to your PayPal account which means you’d collect 100% of the sales.

Example 2

You make 90 sales of your £1 product. All sales would be routed through your PayPal account except for the 10th sale. This means you’d receive £89 of the £90 collected, or 98.9% of sales.

Example 3

You make 2000 sales of your £1 product. We would have taken the 10th and every 100th sale thereafter. You’d receive £1,979 of the £2,000 collected, or 99% of sales.

How does it work?

1. Upload a product

You can upload over 60 types of file including doc, pdf, mp3, mp4, zip and many more.

2. Get buy now button

Our system generates ‘buy now’ buttons that you can put on your website or in an email to start selling.

3. Start earning

When a customer buys your product, they will be emailed a secure link to download the file. At no point will they see the file path to your product.