How to sell digital products without a website

If you are looking to sell digital products but you don’t have your own website, then we can help!

Selling digital products online is becoming increasingly popular. But so is social media and the power of apps such as Facebook and Instagram to promote and sell your products. Selling physical goods is possible through Facebook Marketplace and many Instagrammers sell physical goods to their followers, but selling digital products is more problematic.

Digital Product Cart offers a solution. Follow these simple steps to start selling your products without a website:

Step 1: Upload your file

Use our one-click upload function to upload your files securely to our servers.

Step 2: Share the payment link

Once you’ve uploaded a file, we’ll auto-generate a unique ‘buy now’ page for your product. All you’ll need to do is share the link with your customers, whether that’s on Facebook, Instagram or other platform.

Step 3: We’ll handle the rest!

Digital Product Cart will handle payment processing through PayPal. Once a customers makes a successful payment, we will send them an email with instructions of how to securely download the product. Payments are then sent to your PayPal account.

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