How to sell digital products online

Selling digital products online is becoming increasingly popular among individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs looking to create a forward-thinking and sustainable income stream. Music, videos, ebooks, software, guides and courses are all popular downloadable products sold online today.

Recent global events have meant that many people are looking at alternative business models which are fit for a digital world in which the trade of physical goods has been shown to be fragile and at risk. That's why selling digital products is rising in popularity.

What is a digital product?

A digital product is often a file, or collection of files, which exists on a local computer or server. It differs from a physical product in that it can often be duplicated and sold multiple times.

Examples of digital products

Digital products range from very simple text files such as documents or PDFs, to the very complex such as software packages. Popular examples of digital products sold online include images, art, ebooks, guide books, music, videos, applications, website templates, software and applications.

Where to sell digital products

Digital products might be easier to create than physical products - you won't need a factory, production line or a small army of staff. But they are more difficult to sell securely. With physical products you can control the stock, ship them when you receive an order, and your customers will expect a delay between submitting and receiving their order. On the other hand with digital products, there is an unlimited stock and your customers will expect immediate delivery of the product by email or other means.

This creates a dilemma. You don't want to sit behind a computer emailing customers their copy of the digital product each time you receive an order. Nor do you want to send them an unsecured link to download their purchase, because this can easily be shared online and you'll have lost control of your product.

Instead, you'll need a system which can take customers' payment, verify the purchase and deliver the digital product safely and securely to them, and only them.

Digital Product Cart enables you to do this. Payments are taken through PayPal or by debit/credit card, and once the system verifies the purchase, the customer will receive a unique, time-bound link to download their digital product. The exact location of the file is stored securely and secretly on servers, and the file can only be downloaded with the unique link. The link expires after 5 days, after which the file cannot be accessed.

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